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We are proud to celebrate our 50th year in service to our clients. Click the button below to read our press release.

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Alegria Montalvo humanitarian project

Below is Alegria Montalvo, the daughter of Mic Montalvo. Mic is our Director of Business Development. We are all proud of Alegria and her involvement with this humanitarian project. Congratulations Alegria and thank you!


Hello! It is with great joy that I announce having been selected to participate in an immersion public health externship this summer in Arequipa, Peru, through NAU’s dental hygiene program. I will go and provide dental services to people in need from June 17th-July 1st. Given the opportunity to improve the lives of individuals and alleviate suffering of a population makes me feel incredibly lucky. I feel very fortunate because this is exactly the reason why I chose this profession in the first place. We will be providing services to people who may have never gotten to experience dental care because of their lack of resources and access to healthcare. We will be giving cleanings and educating them on the importance of oral health every day for two weeks. Not only is this an opportunity to improve the lives of individuals, but it will also allow me to gain firsthand knowledge and experience as a clinician. I will learn new clinical skills while becoming more culturally competent. I will be attending Spanish classes that will teach me medical terminology which is typically not easily translated, creating a language barrier between clinicians and patients. Having this experience will make me become a stronger dental hygienist, making my future in the medical field more effective in the battle for prevention of disease and the reduction of suffering. I am so grateful for this chance to improve the lives of underserved populations, however, along with it, I am responsible for the cost of the program. The program is about $2,800 which does NOT include plane tickets (estimated cost: $1,000). Being a college student that also works part time, I am fundraising to assuage the costs. I can assure you that I will be going regardless if I’m able to reach my goal or not, but any donation of any size helps to support my mission for positive change! I’m confident that this externship will be another effort to aid in the health of populations at mass. I will be posting pictures after my trip for those who make donations so you can see how your efforts will have contributed to the lives of others. Thank you so much for reading and I appreciate any help you can give. Your support, kindness and encouragement is not unnoticed.

Voted Best Security Company in Santa Clarita Valleyimage002

The Signal recently voted Golden West Security, Inc. the best security company in SCV!

View our PDF flyer here. View the source publication, The Signal, here!

Fastest Response Time in the Business

Most security companies take up to one, two, or even three hours to respond to a call. Our response time on average is 15 minutes. We track it religiously and post our response times on our website. Most other companies can’t tell you what their actual response times are because they don’t measure it!


Average Response Times

Average response call at SCV: 17 minutes
Average response call at SFV: 21 minutes
Total company response time: 20 minutes


Alarm Response

Foot Patrol

On-Site Officers (Sentry)


Fire Watch

Access Control

Parking Enforcement

Outstanding Performance


Many security companies cite the extensive training and background checks that their officers undergo. Golden West Security goes further by conducting thorough monitoring and tracking of officer performance. Our officers are accountable to a Field Supervisor. GPS tracking and our 24/7 Dispatch Center, provides us with 100% visibility of our security officers.



Golden West Security is always available and ready to help you 24 Hours a Day. No voicemailNo answering machines. No elaborate voice menu systems. At Golden West Security, a person answers the phone every time you call.

Extensive Liability Coverage


Golden West Security carries $3,000,000 in general liability insurance, $1,000,000 in auto insurance, and $1,000,000 in workers compensation. We’re protected – and you’re protected.

Unique Sales Approach


We believe that our job is not to sell you what we want to sell, but to listen to what your needs are. Every case, every customer, every situation is unique – so we create a custom solution that fits your specific needs.

Continuously Reducing Costs


We always explore ways to save you money when we submit our proposal. We examine ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, even after the sale has been made, so that we can pass those savings on to you.

The Golden Safety Standard

From 2015-2016, our loss ratio went from 148% previous year to 8% current year. Our new Broker Hayes was instrumental in helping us to achieve these numbers.

Our claims went from a total of 13 to 5 which is a 62% reduction.

ICW has indicated that they rarely if ever have seen a loss ratio go from 148% to 8%

Well done to the Golden West Team,  safety is our number one priority!


Service Recognition

Celebrating 20th Year Anniversary Patrol Officer – Randy Davis

Celebrating 22 years of service – Nicolas Alvarez Sentry Officer

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Golden West Security has over 40 years of experience providing security to the community. We have learned what works – and what doesn’t. You can benefit from that experience and feel secure based upon our reputation and commitment to putting the customer first.

We were named 'Best of Security' 2nd Year in a Row!