Spring Break is upon us. And soon vacation season will be here. Nothing will spoil a trip faster than a run in with the less than desirable types.

So how do you protect yourself? You could carry pepper spray, stun gun, or taser. But those are only used as a last effort when you are already in trouble. And they WILL result in having to explain your actions to police who may not be sympathetic, or the lawyers from your attacker who is now suing you.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. The best fight is one that never happened.

You should always carry a cell phone and keep the battery charged. It is good to coordinate with a friend in case you find yourself needing a “friend assist” to discretely get you out of a place or situation. Even though you have friends numbers programmed into your phone, make sure you know the actual number in case you need to call from a different phone.

Avoid walking alone, especially at night. And don’t go near deserted lonely places. Stay with a group. There’s safety in numbers.

When on vacation, carry cab fare to get you back to your motel should you need it. Carry a small whistle and have a small flashlight. The black aluminum type are great. They are hand sized and unbreakable. Even when you have to use it on a head.

When at a party, know your limits. Crippling intoxication is not safe. Watch the bartender make your drink and don’t give up control of it after that. DO NOT drink from
the punch bowl or any drink that you don’t know it’s history. Knock out drops are not just for date rape any more. You don’t want to wake up in the back alley with empty pockets.

Be careful what you say on social networks. More than just the NSA is interested.

Thieves make a habit of watching the social networks to see who will be out of town how long so they know what house is available to them without interference.

While on vacation, if your house is left unattended, consider an alarm with a private security company responding to any activations. That way you know someone who has your interests in mind will be coming when needed.

The key is to have fun, but never let your guard down.

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