Trick or Treating is a fun tradition that is not going away and provided you plan ahead it can be a perfectly safe and fun time for both children and adults.

Safety should be paramount in anything we do.  Your personal safety and the safety of your family is your primary duty and you should not expect anyone else to do it for you.

Halloween Safety and security

 Some things to remember are:


  1. Don’t let a child trick or treat alone.  Too much can happen.  An adult should accompany them at all times and be close enough to be available.
  2. Children should wear reflective clothing or/and carry light sticks.  They will be out after dark and light sticks will help see them at a glance.
  3. Costumes that have fake weapons should use items that DO NOT look real.  Too often people get shot when what they had was a toy or BB gun (which is not a toy).
  4. Children should be cautioned not to go up to or especially into any vehicles not part of your party.  They should be reminded to run from, scream, and make noise if anyone should try to grab them.  (A whistle is good here)
  5. Have a plan on where to meet if you get separated.  (The omnipresence of cell phones does make finding the lost easier now).
  6. Don’t approach a house that is not well lit.  And if there is a fence that says “beware of the dog” it would be best to pass that house by.  Even normally friendly dogs may see masked intruders as evil beings who must be destroyed.
  7. Establish the rule that no candy is eaten until after you have inspected it.  And then not eaten all at once.
  8. Unfortunately homemade candies are not considered safe.  You don’t know what went into them and can’t afford to take the risk.  So anything not factory wrapped should be thrown away.

file131287823330 Halloween Safety and security

Have fun and plan ahead so that a mishap does not spoil your time.