Many industrial locations are plagued by product shrinkage from their own employees or vendors that supply their facilities. Our officers can provide a visible deterrent to this kind of activity and provide verifiable access control to your location. Whether it is monitoring products put in trash bins, or products taken by employees to their vehicles during breaks or lunch, our officers can reduce the removal of valuable items that can adversely effective your bottom line. Our video surveillance service (RVS) can also control this type of theft. Our officers can also help to maintain a safe working environment to minimize liability or workman’s compensation claims.

How Golden West Security Improves Security at Industrial Facilities

  • Security can insure that company procedures are followed and that safety hazards are immediately reported to company representatives, reducing workers comp claims and liability exposure.
  • Security can monitor break and lunch areas reducing possible alcohol or drug consumption.
  • Golden West Security can provide access control to insure only authorized personnel are allowed on site.
  • Security can monitor shipping and receiving to ensure precise inventory levels.
  • Security Officers can safely facilitate employee terminations.
  • Security can monitor trash removal so client products are not put in containers to be picked up later.
  • Golden West Security helps prevent after-hours employee theft.



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