Partnerships mean added strength.  More opportunities.  Expanded business. 

That’s why partnerships are an essential part of the strategy at Golden West Security. We continue to build relationships with companies whose security services complement our own, helping us provide better solutions for our customers.  We also form partnerships at a strategic level on longer term operational goals.  And our day-to-day relationships are also very important to us – so we have business partnerships as well.

As part of our strategy, we focus on bringing added value to several aspects of our services—with partnerships at all levels. These relationships provide a wider range of solutions to not only to our customers, but to your customers as well.


Strategic Partnership

Golden West Security maintains multifaceted relationships with key companies through the Strategic Partnership Program. We share tactical and strategic plans, working together at the planning, design, and operational levels to ensure our products and services leverage each other, delivering the greatest value to our customers. Strategic partnership companies have access to the information they need from Golden West Security so that they can provide additional services to their customers now – and as new capabilities at Golden West Security develop.


How to Join a Partnership Program

If you have read the descriptions above, you likely know which partnership category you fall into.  If you already work with Golden West Security as defined in a Complementary Partnerships above, then here are the specifics:

Complementary Partnership

To qualify, you currently must be working with Golden West Security in one of the following ways:

  • You currently utilize Golden West Security Alarm Response and/or Patrol services in a business capacity as a Property Management company, HOA, or commercial/industrial business.  (Private individuals that contract directly with Golden West do not qualify.)
  • You utilize Golden West Security video surveillance (RVS) and response services in a business capacity (Private individuals do not qualify.)
  • You have referred at least one existing customer to Golden West Security through your business within the last two years. (Businesses only, not private individuals.)

What Happens After You are Confirmed in a Complementary Partnership

  • You provide a link and logo on your website to Golden West Security
  • You provide Golden West Security with a link and logo to your website
  • We post your link/logo to the appropriate partnership page on our site


Strategic and / or Business Partnership

Call our main office number and ask for more information on strategic partnerships

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