Property Managers

Property managers are among the busiest individuals we’ve ever encountered. As a property manager, you must deal with a host of issues from maintenance, landscaping, parking, pools, security, and communication with the board members. Our goal is to take as much of this load as possible off of property managers. By providing quality security services, we handle parking enforcement issues, monitor pools, note maintenance or landscaping problems, and document these through Field Incident Reports ( F.I.R.’s). This information is useful and timely – allowing better coordination of corrective actions and keeping property managers and board members up-to-date. We can significantly reduce the amount of time the property manager has to spend on the phone and in preparation of the monthly board information packets.

What advantages does Golden West Security Provide for Property Managers?

  • Enforces rules and regulations so there is a buffer between property manager and individual residents.
  • Documentation of enforcement activity regarding parking, citations, towing and pool area. Allows less time spent addressing client complaints.
  • Monthly reports help property managers in compiling board member packets.
  • Field Incident Reports help in identifying maintenance, landscaping, or safety issues.
  • Timely lock-ups and unlocks of pools or recreation buildings reduces possible vandalism and non-compliance of rules, decreasing resident/board complaints.
  • Provides documentation for board hearings for non compliant residents.
  • Wide range of available security services allows property manager to utilize one security vendor for multiple needs.
  • Immediate response to unforeseen situations or security needs.
  • Attendance at board meetings allows us to address security issues and allows property manager to focus on other responsibilities.

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