Many of the problem issues confronting retail operations are not necessarily high on Law Enforcement’s priority list. However, these issues can be a substantial hindrance to a successful business environment. Our patrol officers can provide random patrols, providing a visible presence that is a deterrent to the criminal element and reassuring to good customers that frequent your business. Our 24-hour On-Call Response service allows for a timely response to problems that Law Enforcement can’t address. Our on-site officers can also provide these benefits on a regular basis. This allows for improved parking, the prevention of harassment from pan handlers or loiterers, and helps reduce non-shopping persons from detracting from normal shopping activities.

What advantages does Golden West Security provide to Retail establishments?

  • Parking Enforcement keeps available parking spaces for your customers by preventing inappropriate parking.
  • Removes solicitors distributing flyers in parking lots.
  • Removes pan handlers that are annoying your customers.
  • Prevention of after-hours employee theft.
  • Security Officers can safely facilitate employee terminations
  • Provides protection for employee vehicles
  • On-Call response, 24 hours-a-day, to help with unforeseen situations, such as domestic problems, employee altercations, or unwanted customer issues (such as shoplifting).


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